ITR-Ex: Automated Personnel and Asset Tracking in Hazardous Environments (Part 4 of 5)

Part -4

IECEx Certification

As a conformity solution used to protect workers and assets that operate in explosive (Ex) environments, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed the IECEx certification which sets the standard for equipment to be used in hazardous or explosive areas.

UL/CSA is another widely recognized product quality labeled used in North America that certifies the products have met the required standards for safety & performance. This standard is applicable to electrical & electronic products, gas-fired products, plumbing products, personal protective equipment and a wide range of other products.

The current GuardRFID products that can be deployed in hazardous areas are: AT-4BLF-Ex, ST 3BLF-TR-Ex, IT- 2BLF- Ex, ITR-Ex, and ITE-Ex. These are part of GuardRFID’s Industrial Solutions that can be used in designated hazardous or explosive environments, which will be summarized as part of this information exchange series (Part 4 of 5).

More about ITR-EX

The Industrial Tag Reader (ITR-EX) is intended to be used in hazardous environments requiring IECEx or ATEX certified equipment. The ITR-EX is AC powered with built-in surge protection, and uses the 433 MHz frequency band to communicate with RFID/RTLS tags. The ITR-EX is IECEx certified for deployment in hazardous gas atmospheres (Group II), with protection type “nA” (non-sparking). It can be installed in areas designated as Zone 2.

The ITR-EX is used as a 433 MHz transceiver to communicate with RFID/RTLS tags (GuardRFID or compliant with IEEE 802.15.4), and also has perimeter control functionality equivalent to GuardRFID’s Tag Reader Controller (TRC), with 2 independently controlled dry contact outputs, 2 inputs, and a local database which enables standalone operation as a redundancy mechanism when connectivity to the server is not available. The ITR communicates with GuardRFID’s Argus server over a wired Ethernet network.

GuardRFID Industrial Solutions:

GuardRFID’s Industrial Solutions provide real time location system (RTLS) that centralizes the management of:

Leveraging the state-of-the-art technology and capability to endure hazardous and explosive environments, GuardRFID’s IECEx and UL/CSA certified devices streamline processes, reduce errors, maximize the use and safety of resources in potentially hazardous, or explosive, environments. In next part, we will present ITE-Ex, Industrial Tag Exciter for Hazardous Environments.

If you want to find out more about GuardRFID’s IECEx and UL/CSA certified solutions, please write to us at  for more information.

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