Active RFID Solutions for your business

The GuardRFID Active RFID platform is an all-in-one system that supports almost an infinite number of Asset and Personnel Tracking, and Security applications. GuardRFID develops and manufactures dual-frequency Active RFID Tags using the 433MHz and 125kHz bands, Active RFID network devices, and powerful, enterprise-capable middleware to locate, identify and track people, assets, and events at your facility.

The dual frequency tags have both  RTLS and Portal Detection capabilities. The solutions are based on our Argus Active RFID platform that helps organizations secure and manage people and assets using a technology that is more than just RTLS.  Read more.

What do our experts design and manufacture in the lab?

  • Dual frequency 433MHz/125KHz Active RFID tags
  • RFID Network Devices
  • Powerful Enterprise-capable Middle-ware

What do our customers get?

Our customers get the advantage of using dual Radio frequencies to locate, track and protect people and assets within a single system.

Customers and solutions providers can deploy the GuardRFID Active RFID platform to interface with in-house or third-party software applications to utilize the Real Time Location System (RTLS) and security-related data provided by the tags and network. 

Features of Guard RFID's Active RFID platform include:

  • Reliable tag communications.
  • Advanced perimeter security performance.
  • No loading on WiFi networks.
  • High-quantity and high-density tag handling.
  • The Tough Tag developed by GuardRFID is highly robust, and suitable for harsh industrial environments.
  • Easy and accurate detection of people and assets within a confined area or at a close range.


Types of Tags

GuardRFID’s impressive product portfolio has a family of tags for infants, patients, staff, equipment, and other assets. These include:


Basic Features of Tags developed and manufactured at GuardRFID

Single use disposable to 6 years life span

Tag life ranges from single-use Disposable Tags for Infants, to Article Tags with a battery life of 3 years, to rugged Industrial Tags that offer a battery life of 6 years or more and can be used in the harshest of  environments.

Smallest Tag in the market, yet powerful

GuardRFID's tags are the tiniest available in the market, with its smallest tag weighing a mere 4.6 grams.

Two Way Communication and more

GuardRFID’s Staff Tags allow for long-range two-way communications, permitting commands to be sent to the tags and annunciated using the built-in audio and visual indicators. Configurable buttons on these tags provide the capability for user initiated signals, such as for indicating duress or dispatching commands to the system. Several tags also contain sensors used for tag tamper detection, environmental temperature sensing, and motion or fall detection.


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