Asset Tracking and Security

Track Assets in any environment


A powerful Real-Time Location System to achieve operational efficiency

Keeping track of assets is crucial for any enterprise; whether your business is Healthcare, Industrial, Defense or Manufacturing. Asset tracking is a business solution that is a "must have" for streamlining inventory and equipment, as you cannot effectively manage these assets without having their real-time visibility. GuardRFID’s Asset Tracking system helps to deliver this visibility, and hence operational efficiency, resulting in significant financial benefits across all industries.

Why choose GuardRFID’s Asset Tracking and Security system?

GuardRFID's Asset Tracking and Security system uses Active RFID technology to help you track and manage your assets. Our tags allow you to positively ascertain where a piece of mission-critical equipment or an inventory item is located. 

  • Standards conforming Technology: The system has GuardRFID's proven Active RFID infrastructure which operates at the 433 MHz frequency band, which has been recognized as the most optimal for use in almost any environment, including the most RF hostile environments, such as those that are crowded or have dense metallic structures. GuardRFID's Readers have the capability to conform to the IEEE 802.15.4f Active RFID standard, enabling facilities to use multiple sources for tags and infrastructure devices, making the system versatile and providing longevity.
  • Multiple Tag Options: Three different types of active RFID Tags are currently available from GuardRFID for placement on assets:
      •  The compact four-year Article Tags, with a footprint about the size of a quarter.
      •  The world's toughest and almost indestructible Active RFID Tag, with a battery life of 6 years or more.
      •  The lowest profile tag in the market, GuardRFID's Active Label, suitable for placement on smaller items such as laptops and handheld devices.
    • Integrated Personnel Safety and Access Control: AllGuard Integrated Security can easily be added to your Asset Tracking Solution to provide Personnel Safety with Staff Duress, Man-down, and Motion Detection, and can also be used for "hands free" access control.

    What are the benefits of deploying GuardRFID's Asset Tracking and Security system?

    •  Increase inventory efficiency
      • Save time and reduce errors with real-time inventory visibility.
      • Optimize order picking efficiency and inventory placement.
      • Track assets such as Returnable Containers.
    • Boost revenue and output
      • Track WIP and deploy resources in real-time to increase output and revenue.
      • Instantly locate mission-critical equipment and tools when they are needed.
    •  Drastically reduce loss
      • Never misplace equipment or inventory.
      • Eliminate theft with scheduled motion alarm detection.
      • Easily add Perimeter Security.
      • Detect the presence of Inventory and Returnable Containers at Third-Party Manufacturers.