ER Patient Flow Management

Manage Patients in ER efficiently with Active RFID

ER has obvious life-and-death impacts in emergencies and a hospital needs to be ever ready to receive and take care of patients who arrive seeking immediate medical attention. GuardRFID’s Patient Flow Management system offers cutting edge technology to streamline and improve ER performance by providing real-time visibility of patients, staff and equipment, and the interaction between them. Such visibility can go a long way in providing a better quality of care to patients, and in increasing staff efficiency by providing instant location and patient flow information capabilities.


What does the GuardRFID's Patient Flow Solution offer?

 Monitor Patient Flow: Active RFID Patient Tags are applied at triage and their movement and treatment within the ER can be tracked throughout the entire unit using real-time location and even at discrete detection zones such as rooms or beds.

  Prevent Elopement: Perimeter Security can be added to the ER Patient Flow Monitoring system to get alerts if a patient leaves the premises without following the discharge process.

Monitor Staff/Patient Interaction: The interaction of ER staff with a patient can also be automatically recorded by utilizing GuardRFID's Staff Tags, to measure and record patient care access and resource use and to help make decisions to improve the delivery of care.

 Measure Performance and Document timelines: The Patient Flow Management system is an invaluable tool to assist your ER staff in performing daily duties with less stress. They can get insights into current processes, and improve them for an enhanced patient experience by learning about the effectiveness of each stage in the ER patient care process, and identifying those that need attention and improvement.

Features powered by latest Active RFID technology:

  •     Two-way communication capability

Communication is the key when it comes to taking action in a crisis. A health care provider can communicate via GuardRFID's Staff Duress Tag and comfort the user that help is on the way. Alerts can also be sent to other users to create real-time situational awareness.

  •     Fully-Automated

ER can be one of the most chaotic and active areas in a hospital so a fully-automated solution is a must. AllGuard Patient Flow is an automated solution with real-time visibility to improve performance and fully-automated data capture to assist in improving processes for more effective patient care.

  •     Easy Integration

AllGuard Patient Flow can be implemented on its own, or alongside many other components of GuardRFID's  Integrated Security Solution for Healthcare to yield unprecedented value and ROI