Hands Free Access Control

Accountability in all scenarios

Access Control simplified – Hands Free, hassle free

Keeping track of personnel entering and exiting secured premises is crucial to the safety and security of any facility or organization. Traditional "Prox Card" systems, based on passive RFID technology, are highly inaccurate in this regard. A person may present their "badge" to the reader but never enter the premises, or several badged people may tailgate the person who presented his or her badge to the reader. There is no way for such a system to detect either of these events.

GuardRFID's Active RFID tags and readers add a new dimension to the Access Control mechanism by enabling "Hands Free" identification and authentication. GuardRFID's "Direction of Motion" capabilities accurately confirms whether badged personnel entered or departed from a building or a zone, and the system's long range tag detection feature captures all tagged personnel without the need to present a "badge" at the reader, regardless of whether the tag is visible or concealed.

Other benefits of installing "Hands Free" Access Control at your  facility:

  • Tag valuable assets to prevent losses: Enhance your ROI by placing tags on valuable assets and inventory to control their movement and prevent loss.
  • Equip Muster Stations to enable automatic roll-call: Accurate and real time demographic information means effective evacuation monitoring and personnel accountability during a crisis.
  • Visitor Management: Monitor a visitor's location within the facility at all times; assign authorized visiting areas, and those out of bounds, and achieve unparalleled zonal control and security.
  • Guard Tour systems: Eliminate inaccurate manual check-in at check points using GuardRFID's long range auto-ID capability. Capture "dwell time" to ensure guards spend adequate time at critical locations and equip them with GuardRFID's Staff Duress Tags so that they can instantaneously notify the control room when they are in danger.