Pediatric Patient Security

Protecting young patients with TotGuard



Safeguarding against abduction, wandering and elopement

Keeping track of young patients while they are at your facility can be a daunting task, especially when the potential of abduction and elopement in this group is far greater than in any other group of patients. The impressionable age of these patients makes it critical to have in place security mechanisms to ensure the patient does not leave the building/unit without proper authorization from the hospital staff.


    Why choose GuardRFID’s  TotGuard for Pediatric Patient Security?

  • Comfortable and Tamper Detecting

Our Active RFID tags are the lightest and smallest in the world so you can be assured that you are offering the greatest comfort to even the young patients, and protecting them around the clock with advanced tamper detecting technology.  

  • Achieve Compliance

Many accreditation bodies, including the Joint Commission, have recommended flight prevention systems for pediatric patients. By deploying our flexible and easy-to-use solution for pediatric patients you will bring your hospital up to current standards and best practices for patient safety and security.

  • Promoting and open environment

Facilities that specialize in pediatric patient care prefer to have their young patients experience a positive and free environment, rather than feeling constrained or confined. GuardRFID's true Real Time Location (RTLS) capabilities, combined with its flexible portal detection system, allows facilities to provide roving freedom to patients while continuously monitoring their whereabouts so as to prevent them from harm.

  • Superior Reliability

TotGuard for Pediatric Protection is fully IP-based and in full compliance with today's corporate IT policies.  Based on 433MHz Active RFID, it delivers higher performance, a lower maintenance burden, and high reliability, compared to other systems that are prone to RF noise and can interfere with system operation.

  • Easy Integration

TotGuard for Pediatric Patients can be implemented on its own or alongside many other components of GuardRFID's AllGuard Integrated Security Solution for Healthcare to yield unprecedented value and ROI.