Staff Duress & Safety

Advanced security for caregivers and support staff


Achieve unparalleled Staff Safety with GuardRFID's SafeGuard system

GuardRFID’s  Staff Duress & Safety system enables you to monitor staff movements for their own safety and communicate with them on demand. The system has been designed to give you and your staff assurance that they can communicate and call for help at the time of crisis, and eliminate critical delays caused by ambiguous location information when that help is needed.

Our powerful staff duress solution delivers leading-edge communications and multiple advanced location methods that are not possible with infrared-based systems which are still used in some healthcare facilities.  The system seamlessly unifies your safety and communications needs.

Accurate Real Time Location:

  • Locate the security event and track a moving employee with the typical accuracy averaging 8-15 feet.
  • Instant situational awareness through multiple duress alarm messaging options. These include client workstation alarms, email, pagers, SMS/text, mobile client, CCTV, and voice messaging.


Enhanced Staff Safety:

  • The  Staff Duress Tag has two buttons that can be configured for your specific security and safety needs.
  • Programmable Man Down Alarm Capability ensures system delivers a higher level of safety.
  • Allows employees to transfer between multiple facilities.

Why choose GuardRFID's Staff Duress system?

  • 100% IP based system and in full compliance with today’s corporate IT policies.
  • World’s most robust communication protocols and location algorithms have been used to elevate staff security to a new level in performance and security.
  • Integration with an IP-based CCTV video management server to show live and archived video.

Features of Staff Duress and Safety system which provide ultimate security:

  • Two-way communication capability: Communication is the key when it comes to taking action in a crisis. Acknowledgements can be sent to the Staff Duress Tag to provide comfort to the user that help is on the way. Alerts can also be sent to other users to provide situational awareness.
  • Easy Integration: This solution can be implemented on its own or alongside many other components of GuardRFID's  Integrated Security Solution for Healthcare to yield unprecedented value and ROI.