Yard Management & Security

Efficient and cost effective solution


GuardRFID's Yard Management and Security system helps you to gain efficiency and reduce costs by having real time visibility of your valuable assets, as well as your personnel if required. The system delivers real-time visibility, location, and advanced security for managing and securing your yard inventory effectively using GuardRFID's proven 433MHz Active RFID technology.

Features that make GuardRFID’s Yard Management and Security solution robust and reliable:

  • The  Yard Management platform consists of its almost indestructible Tough Tag, and infrastructure equipment that is built for the harshest environmental conditions.
  • The system uses the world’s most robust communication protocols and location algorithms to provide accurate and dependable real-time inventory information.
  • Sensors built into the tag provide the ability to detect unauthorized movement of your precious assets for security.
  • Portal detection at gates allows visibility of tagged assets entering and leaving the yard so that you can monitor and control their movements.
  • IECEx certified for use in hazardous and explosive locations.

Benefits of deploying Yard Management and Security:

  • Seamless Integration:
    The system can be integrated with your proprietary yard management software or implemented using GuardRFID's  Asset Tracking and Integrated Security client software.
  • Scalable:

It is fully IP-based and in full compliance with today’s corporate IT policies and standards, so implementation in one facility or throughout your supply chain is easy and highly-scalable.

  • Real-time Inventory Visibility:

It utilizes 433MHz Active RFID communication technology for enhanced range, maximum immunity to physical shielding and radio-frequency interference, and robust communication not requiring line-of-site visibility.

  • Real-time Location:

The infrastructure is outdoor-hardened and field-tested to provide zonal location information of each inventory item. 

  • Advanced Motion Detection:

The system not only detects and prevents inventory items from accidentally leaving the yard but can also be used to prevent theft.  Advanced sensor based motion detection can be selectively enabled or disabled to warn of assets being moved without authorization, for security purposes, or can be  used to enhance the precision of locating the correct inventory for processing purposes, thus saving time and cost.