Faster communication and enhanced productivity

The 433 MHz Advantage   -   Take informed decisions in real time                              

  • Interoperability

433MHz Active RFID is a proven and mature technology choice that has been widely adopted for applications across many industries.  Active RFID using the 433 MHz band is a major component of the IEEE 802.15.4f Active RFID System standard which was developed to foster interoperability between systems. GuardRFID's infrastructure already complies with the standard, and compliant tags are also available on demand.

  • Faster

433MHz Active RFID technology provides greater range, better immunity from physical barriers and radio-frequency interference, longer battery life, smaller and lighter tags.


The 125 kHz Advantage   -   Detect Accurately    

GuardRFID uses a low frequency magnetic field (125 kHz) to detect tag presence at portals and in confined spaces where instant tag detection is required. The state-of-the-art Tag Exciter (TE) and Proximity Tag Exciter (PTE) create a tag capture zone whose radius can be adjusted precisely to fit the application’s tag detection range requirements at choke points.

This provides the ability for GuardRFID's systems to instantaneously detect tags at portals for workflow or security applications and support precise location capabilities such as those required for accurate room level location, besides performing RTLS functionality.

Due to its nature, the low frequency field is extremely difficult to shield, eliminating the need for line of sight between the tag and the Exciter. The signal penetrates through most materials, unlike other technologies such as infrared and ultrasonic communications.

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