GuardRFID uses Argus Active RFID platform

It is Robust, Versatile, and Cost Effective

GuardRFID's Argus Active RFID platform has been developed on the premise that a single Active RFID infrastructure should be able to support a wide variety of applications and environments, including Real Time Location and Tracking, Security, Access Control and Flow Control. It all began with the introduction of the smallest and low cost Active RFID Tags for healthcare, offering the first affordable Disposable Infant and Patient Tags. Since then, GuardRFID has implemented solutions in many other  vertical markets and continued to innovate new technologies and solutions.

The Argus network is fully IP based and built upon standard hardware and software platforms. The network can be implemented using either wired Ethernet (with or without Power over Ethernet), or using Wi-Fi connectivity, making installation simple and cost effective. The IP based system also allows remote monitoring, diagnostics and software updates, making maintenance of the system easy and efficient. GuardRFID, with its technology, was one of the significant influencers and contributors during the development of the IEEE 802.11.15.4f Active RFID Systems standard in 2012, and subsequently for the ISO 18000-7:2014 standard.

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