GuardRFID GetREAL Challenge

Not all real-time location systems are created equal.
Think you know the difference?

Welcome to GuardRFID’s GetREAL Challenge where we get to see what you really know about real-time location technologies! We know how confusing it can be with so much coming at you, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to more traditional RTLS solutions, so this is our chance to educate you on the facts – vs. the “alternative facts” – when it comes to these competing and sometimes complementary technologies.

The Challenge will only take a minute but we promise you’ll learn something surprising along the way.

Just answer the following questions and then we’ll let you know how you did, along with some of those surprising answers. Good luck!

If you got them all correct, it looks like you know your RTLS technologies. Congratulations! However, we have a feeling everybody will get at least one wrong with so much conflicting information out there. That was our intent with this quiz – to help you understand the REAL truth about how a traditional 433 MHz Active RFID real-time location system like our AllGuard Real-time Location Platform continues to offer the best functionality, performance, reliability, and overall value when it comes to locating and tracking people and assets regardless of tag volume, geographical area, and environment.

If you’d like to learn more, be sure to take our “AllGuard Test Drive” or contact us with questions or requests.

And thanks for taking the GetREAL Challenge! Don’t forget to challenge some of your coworkers too since we bet they think they know it all already ☺

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