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Real-time location & portal detection in a single interoperable system with the widest range of applications & Active RFID tags

Our AllGuard Real-time Location Platform has been developed on the premise that a single, dedicated Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) infrastructure should be able to expand and support a wide variety of applications – including real-time location and tracking, security, access control, and flow control – and withstand a range of environments and environmental conditions. We also believed in the importance of open standards, and in offering the widest range of Active RFID tags to suit any situation. From our early days over 10 years ago, offering the smallest, lowest-cost Active RFID tags for healthcare (including the first affordable disposable infant and patient tags), to today’s AllGuard platform now successfully serving a range of markets, we continue to deliver proven, innovative technology while driving the next generation of security and compliance applications.

Our Platform

AllGuard RFID PlatformThe AllGuard Real-time Location Platform is a robust, multi-purpose, enterprise platform that supports an infinite number of staff, patient, visitor, and asset-related applications “on top”. It uniquely offers security, safety, compliance, and interoperable RTLS functionality all in one integrated system and includes both long-range location (via I-RTLS) and instant choke point detection thanks to its dual frequency implementation.

The AllGuard network is fully IP-based and built upon standard hardware and software. It can be implemented using either wired Ethernet (with or without Power over Ethernet (PoE)), or using Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be configured to be a standalone system, or can be a sub-net within the facility’s primary local network, making installation simple and cost effective. The IP-based nature of the system also allows for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and software updates, making maintenance and management of the system easy and efficient.

How does AllGuard Compare to IoT Solutions?

AllGuard is in fact a feature-rich IoT system. Our Active RFID tags are battery-operated remote sensors that report data back to a remote server that can run either on premise or in the cloud – exactly what IoT is all about. That means, as an RTLS solution provider for over a decade, we embraced IoT long ago. The difference is, we’ve added another element of usefulness… real-time location information for both assets and people.

Our Dual Frequency Advantage

Our AllGuard Real-time Location Platform incorporates both the 433 MHz and 125 KHz bands in order to deliver maximum functionality in a single system, when it comes to the security, compliance, and efficiencies of your people and assets. Both low-power frequencies offer many advantages as seen in our “Technology Comparison”, but each serves a different purpose in the system.


The most optimal frequency band, for an Active RFID system providing long-range real-time location capabilities. RFID Tag Exciters (TEs) communicate wirelessly with adjacent Tag Readers using this 433 MHz link eliminating the need for network cabling. This means TEs can be placed virtually anywhere, as long as power is available at that location.

Don’t have local power or network connectivity at your outdoor site?

Check out AllGuard Solar – the world’s first solar-powered, fully-wireless real-time location system for the tracking & protection of valuable assets & people!

125 KHz:

AllGuard uses this low-frequency magnetic field to detect tag presence at portals and in confined spaces, where instant tag detection is required. State-of-the-art RFID Tag Exciters (TEs) and Proximity Tag Exciters (PTEs) create 125 KHz excitation/security fields – each with a unique ID – that can be used for more precise and immediate location of tags. The exciters are typically placed at portals, such as doors, gates, and other egress points, as well as within rooms or hallways. The security field can be adjusted to between a 2-30 feet radius, allowing for tag detection in the smallest of spaces, such as a closet, or a large choke point like a gate. When a tag enters the security field, AllGuard instantly transmits its location (determined by the ID of the TE placed at that location) rather than waiting for the next beacon to be sent. This ensures immediate control of the egress point or environment that the tag has entered, depending on the pre-set rules for that tag. For example, if a designated tag only allowed to venture outside the building between a specific timeframe attempts to exit at a disallowed time, AllGuard can immediately declare an alarm condition on its workstations and simultaneously trigger audio or visual alarms. Additionally, two or more TEs placed in tandem (with non-overlapping fields) can be used to indicate the direction the tag is actually traveling, which can help determine whether people or assets are entering or exiting a building, or going from one zone to another.

125 KHz-based RFID Tag Exciters also form an integral part of an overall AllGuard system - “floor discrimination”. This helps the system determine what floor a particular tag is located on at any given time. If placed within a room, this can also enable room-level location capabilities (in conjunction with the beacon-based location engine).

RFID TagsOur Widest Range of Active RFID Tags

GuardRFID offers the widest range of the smallest, toughest, and longest-lasting Active RFID tags in the industry, with dual frequency to support both I-RTLS and portal detection capabilities. Our impressive family of tags for infants, patients, staff/personnel, visitors, equipment, and other assets is unmatched and includes:


Some General Tag Highlights:

RFID Tag - Asset Tracking
Our new AT-5BLF Asset Tag within our industry-leading selection of Active RFID tags… the world's lowest profile asset tag with tamper detection!


RFID Tag - Staff Tag
Our Two-Way Staff Tag

  • The life of GuardRFID tags uniquely ranges from:
    • Single-use, disposable tags for infants,
    • Article tags with a battery life of 3 years,
    • Rugged industrial tags with a battery life of 6 years (including 3 with Intrinsic Safety certification for operation in explosive, hazardous environments).
  • Our tags are the smallest and lowest-profile in the market with the smallest tag weighing a mere 4.6 grams.
  • Our Staff Tags allow for long-range, two-way communication permitting commands to be sent to tags and annunciated using the built-in audio and visual indicators. Configurable buttons on these tags provide the capability for user-initiated signals, such as for indicating duress or dispatching commands to the AllGuard system. Several tags also contain sensors used for tag tamper detection, environmental temperature sensing, and motion or fall detection.

GuardRFID Test Drive
AllGuard Test Drive

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“AllGuard has been designed from the ground up with flexibility, interoperability & performance in mind, based on years of previous Active RFID technology experience. If you’re looking for the most reliable, accurate real-time location system that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, you’ve come to the right place.”
Dalibor Pokrajac, GuardRFID CTO & VP of Engineering


GuardRFID’s underlying technology was one of the significant influencers & contributors during the development of the IEEE 802.15.4f Active RFID Systems standard, focused on standardization of Active RFID, to promote interoperability between systems.

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