Disaster can strike on a work site at any time, resulting in injuries and evacuations. When an emergency arises – whether man-made or weather-related – your employees, visitors and contractors expect emergency procedures to be in place and scalable safety measures used to support evacuation and mustering.

In April 2018, at least 11 people were hurt in an explosion at a Canadian-owned oil refinery in Wisconsin after a tank containing crude oil exploded. Later that year, at last four workers were injured at an oil refinery in Saint John when an HDS unit malfunctioned, leading to a major explosion at a time when a number of the 3,000 contractors and employees were onsite for a scheduled shutdown. In April this year, an explosion at a site in Texas killed one worker and injured two others when a tank containing isobutylene caught fire and spread to a warehouse.

Workplace incidents like this happen all-too-often and fire departments in the U.S. alone respond to an average of 37,000 fires at industrial properties each year. This means that companies are required to comply with strict industry regulations when it comes to worker safety, including knowing where your staff are at all times and having effective plans in place for employee mustering in a crisis.

The importance of knowing where your people are

When emergencies do occur, it can be catastrophic for all involved. It’s therefore crucial that you know exactly where your employees, visitors and contractors are at any time – whether in buildings, outdoor areas or at designated muster stations – so that you have critical real-time site demographic data when you need it most. It’s also important for those people to be able to call for help if needed in an emergency.

When an emergency situation arises and puts your personnel in harm’s way, a pre-defined response plan and a rapid, site-wide response are critical. Manual personnel tracking and accountability systems typically lack the real-time visibility required for maximum safety and protection. They can also be time consuming and prone to errors that might endanger lives. They also often only cover certain areas, especially with larger sites and workforces.

So, how do you track employees, visitors and contractors onsite at any time but, most importantly, during a catastrophic event?

Quickly account for workers onsite and during a crisis

GuardRFID’s Employee Mustering solution provides enterprise-wide visibility of staff and visitors from any single monitoring point thanks to its ruggedized, IECEx/ATEX-certified equipment and tags for hazardous environments.

With customizable two-way Active RFID badge-style tags that give a real-time view of tagged individuals throughout your building – even between locations – pinpointed to within feet providing precise real-time worker visibility, and perimeter and/or zonal security.

The solution is designed to give you and your employees assurance that they can communicate and call for help at the time of crisis, and eliminate critical delays when that help is needed. The wearable Active RFID Tags have customizable buttons, programmable Man Down and panic alarm capabilities, and two-way communications to enable individuals to instantly summon help, be quickly located on a monitoring station floorplan, and then receive acknowledgement that help is on the way.

It is the most robust multi-purpose real-time solution, helping industrial and commercial organizations achieve maximum security, compliance and efficiencies when it comes to their employees and visitors, both inside and outside their facilities, and regardless of the environment.

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