Monitoring secure areas and ensuring that only skilled and authorized personnel have access to valuable and confidential information is important to many organizations, particularly in the commercial and government sectors, electric utilities, food processing and manufacturing facilities.

The most responsive real-time personnel accountability system for your facility

Unauthorized access can lead to data and security compromises, physical theft of devices and equipment, vandalism and even endangerment to human life. Furthermore, regulatory agencies often require certain compliance obligations being met, such as the maintenance of accurate records that outline who has accessed certain areas of a workplace. For example, Worksafe BC and OSHA have a set of rules to ensure worker safety and how using RFID safety measures should be most effectively followed.

Active RFID used in conjunction with an access control system can be effectively used to monitor area utilization within a facility, ensuring that employees and contractors are working in authorized areas. Area utilization reports can be used to meet regulatory requirements pertaining to access to restricted areas,

Monitoring personnel movement

Traditional methods used for personnel access control, such as manual sign-in/sign-out sheets and access badge systems, have limitations and are prone to abuses such as unauthorized people tail-gating authorized persons into special access areas. However, RFID technology can be effectively employed to control access to only authentic, approved employees.

RFID-based access control and monitoring systems can be used for giving access for people to government or commercial offices or rooms, and a whole range of potentially sensitive or secure workplaces that require restricted or controlled access.

Not only can an organization lower its operational costs by using RFID-based location systems to automatically prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas, but it can also improve its operational effectiveness and security by monitoring personnel movement in those secure areas.

Government or commercial enterprises often also require detailed location access auditing that can be used to meet security reporting requirements, and so a system that manages personnel accountability can be designed to ensure that those reporting requirements are met.

Real-time security and reliable access control

GuardRFID’s Personnel Accountability solution delivers the most advanced, real-time personnel monitoring system available. It’s an enterprise-level solution that uses a centralized server to support employees at different locations, and provides a real-time view of tagged personnel throughout your facilities and sites, ensuring precise worker visibility and/or zonal security. It includes a detailed reporting capability so you can audit employee access by building, area or specific area, while the same system can also be used to keep people safe when it comes to lone worker safety or employee mustering.

With the Personnel Accountability system, employees and contractors are assigned an active RFID tag – this can be worn as a wristband, on a keychain or attached to a lanyard. The solution uses the GuardRFID suite of infrastructure and AllGuard enterprise software to identify tags, manage tag rules, activate alarms and control doors.

The solution can be configured to sound an alarm when someone attempts the unauthorized access of a secured room. It can also be set-up to lock doors if someone without an active tag approaches an exit. The solution logs each person that passes through an area, and can use this information to generate detailed reports.

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