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Active RFID is helping hospitals in utilizing their resources effectively

August 18, 2017  

Healthcare has been one of the leading employers of RFID technology along with the Military, and is primarily utilized for automatic identification of equipment and personnel, for security as well as tracking purposes. The growth in adoption of the technology is projected to be exponential in the next few years by industry experts. Healthcare facilities benefit greatly by employing RFID to track assets, manage inventory, improve patient & staff safety & security, and to enhance their workflows. Read more...

Ensure superior protection for seniors in your care
July 15, 2017

One of the major challenges faced by facilities providing care and assistance to elderly is safety; especially the facilities that provide for memory care patients, or elderly who suffer from dementia commonly caused by Alzheimer’s and are more likely to forget their way back to their rooms or wander off unknowingly. There are numerous technology solutions that can protect seniors and help the caregivers provide the best care, one such technology is Active RFID. Read more...

Infant protection is no child’s play; it is serious business and Active RFID solutions can certainly help

June 16, 2017

Children, especially infants are one of the most vulnerable segments of our society.  Every ‘grown up’ issue effects the children directly or indirectly.  Child abduction is one the top fallouts of ‘grown up’ issues, and two of the most prominent reasons for abducting an infant from a hospital are: a) An infant is abducted by a woman in an attempt to maintain/save a relationship with her husband, boyfriend or companion; b) A woman wishes either to replace an infant she has lost or experienced a vicarious birthing of an infant or she is for some reason unable to conceive or carry to term. Read more...

The benefits of integrating Active RFID technology within Oil & Gas operations

May 28, 2017

The upstream Oil & Gas sector, which includes crude oil and liquid natural gas exploration and production, is crucial to the economies of many nations. This sector is a prime example where the age-old cliché of risk versus reward is very applicable, and with the increase in global demand over time, exploration has ventured into areas that present even greater hazards. Many regulations have been implemented to reduce the risks, and owners continuously expend significant resources for the safety of their assets, both human and material. 

Technologies that perform constant monitoring of assets have been utilized for some time, with a view to enable rapid response to any signs of danger, as the safety and security of assets is not optional but paramount to the success of an organization. More recently, Active RFID technology has been gaining recognition as a superior tool that enables real-time monitoring of personnel and assets. It has also emerged as vital tool to monitor evacuation during emergencies. Read more...

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