Company’s solar-powered, fully wireless RTLS system provides real-time location at sites lacking local power or connectivity

VANCOUVER, BC – April 11, 2017 – GuardRFID Solutions, a proven expert in interoperable real-time location systems (I-RTLS™) driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments, today announced it’s been named a finalist in RFID Journal Live’s “Best New Product” award category to be presented at this year’s conference. The RFID Journal Awards are given annually to innovative end user companies leading the way in RFID technologies and overall solution adoption.

“Many remote and isolated locations wanting real-time visibility of people and assets lack the power and connectivity required for traditional Active RFID-based RTLS systems. For example, remote oil and gas properties or even large work yards in rural environments which store valuable construction equipment but often fail to have power in all four corners of the yard,” explained Zahir Abji, President and CEO of GuardRFID. “We’ve leveraged our expertise and years of real-world experience to deliver the first completely wireless, solar-powered Active RFID system suitable for any location, even in the most challenging environments.”

To enable real-time monitoring in these difficult locations, GuardRFID has developed Tag Readers and Tag exciters for its award-winning AllGuard Real-time Location Platform that are self-powered using solar panels. The Solar Powered Tag Readers (SPTR) communicate to a central communications hub on the property where data is collected and forwarded to the Company’s cloud-based middleware server using either cellular data or satellite communications. The SPTR and Solar Powered Tag Exciters (SPTE) are mounted on tripods for ultimate portability and ease of implementation providing organizations presence detection and zonal location information of personnel, visitors, and equipment for safety, security, compliance, and time and attendance purposes. Additionally, the Company offers the widest range of Active tags including three with Intrinsic Safety certification for operation in explosive, hazardous environments.

“As a veteran RFID manufacturer and innovator in a very competitive industry, we’re honored to be recognized by the RFID Journal Live panel of judges. Our hope is that by extending the flexibility and functionality of our real-time location platform to non-traditional environments, we help continue to advance the overall adoption of RFID,” added Abji.

To see AllGuard in action, please visit booth #331 at RFID Journal Live in Phoenix running May 9th to the 11th.

About GuardRFID
GuardRFID is a proven expert in interoperable real-time location systems (I-RTLS™) driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in healthcare, industrial, and commercial environments. With indoor and outdoor installations around the world, the Company delivers the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform with superior flexibility, interoperability, and performance helping organizations achieve the protection, compliance, and efficiencies they require when it comes to their people and assets – today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit

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