Active RFID based SafeGuard K-12 Safety system allows rapid notification of threats, precise location and automatic lockdown

Vancouver, BC – May 29, 2013

Guard RFID Solutions Inc., an industry leader in 433MHz Active RFID technology has announced the release of its SafeGuard K-12 Safety System, designed to assist personnel in schools to instantly declare Code Red or Code Yellow and automatically notify local staff as well as remote agencies of the threat, and to promptly identify the location from where the alarm was sent. The system can be configured to automatically lock down selective zones within the school in order to secure occupants within vulnerable areas, and to send alerts to staff members equipped with GuardRFID’s bi-directional Staff Badges.

These badges support enhanced functions such as Man Down Detection, Duress Alarms, and bi-directional communications, allowing transmission of coded signals to the badge and annunciation at the badge that an alarm has been received by security personnel. Alarms can be initiated from any location within the facility, and instant notifications dispatched using several methods including using a remote monitoring station, email and pagers, saving significant precious time in notifying appropriate authorities of a potential safety threat. The badges can also be used for controlling access through doors so as to allow entry only after proper hands-free identification is obtained from the system. SafeGuard K-12 Safety is integrated with Video Management Systems, to automatically enable a live view of the location from which an alarm is initiated, as an option.

“In light of the apparent increase in security threats in schools, we feel that we should all contribute whatever we can to enhance the security of our children, teachers and our schools’ ancillary staff”, said Zahir Abji, GuardRFID’s President and CEO. “The SafeGuard K-12 Safety system permits instant notification of a security event simultaneously to public safety agencies and school staff, which enables a more rapid response to a threat and therefore reducing potential harm. Its ability to automatically and swiftly secure the perimeter or selective zones can contain the threat and minimize exposure. Equipping both, students and staff with GuardRFID’s tags can provide critical demographic information to allow for more effective emergency response activities.”

GuardRFID combines Long Range, Proximity, and Direction-of-Travel Detection technologies to positively identify tagged personnel and assets entering or exiting a building, and to detect their presence and detect location in real-time while inside the building. The system delivers maximum return on investment because the infrastructure can be used for multiple solutions associated with tracking, locating and securing people or assets.About Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.

About Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.

Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and products for Healthcare, Industrial, and Enterprise applications. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.’s products can accurately track and locate equipment, materials, and people for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring, and security solutions—all on one flexible platform. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in British Columbia and its sales office in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Zahir Abji, President & CEO