Leading RFID solution provider launches industry’s smallest wearable RFID tag with distinct call button feature for protecting patients and staff in real-time.


Guard RFID Solutions Inc., a leader in real-time location systems, today announced the launch of its new Personnel Tag (PT-3), a small and lightweight wearable RFID tag with a user-activated push button designed to protect patients and staff at healthcare facilities, and employees working in hazardous industrial environments.

“We have developed our most versatile tag to date,” says Marek Dutkiewicz, Vice President Technology and Product Strategy, Guard RFID Solutions Inc. “Designed for a number of use cases, the PT-3 tag includes a distinctive and effective call button that can be used to call for help and alert authorities in the event of an emergency or accident experienced by the holder.”

With an ageing population and increase in dementia sufferers, studies show that 31 percent of nursing home residents wander from their facility at least once, causing safety concerns for patients and staff alike. In addition, elderly patients at care facilities must currently try to reach a fixed help button or pull cord at their bedside when in need of urgent assistance. Safeguarding patients by preventing the risk of wandering or providing an easier means of calling for help from the bed are key safety goals with few real-time solutions.

For staff in healthcare facilities, the threat of violence and injury is pervasive – 76 percent of all nurses experience verbal and/or physical violence, while 75 percent of 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually occur in healthcare settings (1). Workplace violence prevention programs are in place, but aren’t always a fast-enough solution against immediate threats.

Remote workers in industries like oil and gas exploration or construction can be exposed to perilous conditions. Over a seven-year period, 823 oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job – a fatality rate seven times greater than for all U.S. industries, with many fatalities due to falls, slips, trips and exposure to harmful substances (2). Accounting for where your employees are at all times is vital, particularly when cellphone coverage is poor.

GuardRFID’s new PT-3 tag has been designed with these dangerous scenarios in mind and its unique push button can easily be pressed by the holder to call for help in an elopement emergency, workplace accident or Code White situation. The tag is also compatible with GuardRFID’s robust AllGuard platform, which means that warnings and alarms can be generated based on the location of the tag and the activation of the push button on the tag.

A focus on design and usability means that the tag can be worn in two ways – either with a pendant or as part of a soft, comfortable wristband. The pendant adapter can be attached to a keychain or lanyard for quick access to the call button. The stylish wristbands are made of an anti-bacterial Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material designed to withstand repeated exposure to hot water and steam, while making it easy for elderly patients or injured employees to press the push button on their band and call for help.

“Based on customer and channel partner feedback, PT-3 is a step ahead of the rest,” says Kerry Brock, Vice President Sales and Marketing. “With its small size and wearable attachment options, the modern design is far less institutional than what we’ve seen on the market – you can comfortably wear it like a watch or pendant, and its unobtrusive size and excellent durability (both dustproof and waterproof) mean it can be worn, and used to alert people, in most workplaces and environments.”

Now available, the PT-3 tag combines its exceptional push button feature with superior real-time situational awareness, comfort, sleekness and ease-of-use to deliver real-time safety to people in hospitals, long-term health care facilities and industrial operations. Plus, it’s backed by the same trusted real-time location identification capabilities as GuardRFID’s family of active tags used to identify, locate and secure people. For more information, please click here.


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(1) Source: Journal of Emergency Nursing and Bulletin of American College of Surgeons

(2) Source: Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries

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