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Maximum security, compliance & efficiencies with the most robust, multi-purpose real-time location platform

Real flexibility. Real interoperability. 
Real performance.

Like many commercial organizations with valuable assets and people to regularly monitor and secure, RTLS solutions offer the enterprise-wide visibility you’re accustomed to and require. Whether it’s securing a particular zone of your building, preventing equipment theft, ensuring the safety of your staff during an emergency, and/or preventing unauthorized access to your facility, the right real-time location system provides the right visibility the right way, while helping you achieve the security, compliance, and efficiencies you’ve been looking for.

Introducing AllGuard Real-time Location for Commercial Buildings

Installed in buildings across a range of industries, AllGuard™ Commercial offers true RTLS capability, portal detection, and an almost infinite number of commercial-related monitoring and security applications for your facility. AllGuard delivers industry-leading tracking and security on one reliable, high-performance platform that’s easy to implement and as expandable as needed. It also offers the widest selection of tags to choose from and integrates with more business systems and applications than any other RTLS offering thanks to its unparalleled standards compliance and certification.

The AllGuard Commercial Suite – The Widest Range of Applications & Tags to Choose from!

Business Asset Tracking AllGuard Asset Tracking & Security 
The most advanced real-time asset tracking solution offering the smallest, toughest, and longest-lasting tags in the industry plus long-range presence detection 
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Automatic Access Control AllGuard Hands-Free Access Control
The most reliable hands-free access control system with precise long-range portal detection
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Mustering AllGuard Personnel Accountability
The most advanced automatic hands-free evacuation monitoring and personnel accountability system certified for hazardous environments 
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Any application within the AllGuard Commercial suite can be expanded at any time, say to cover a larger geographical area, by deploying additional infrastructure hardware. Additionally, you can easily “add on” additional applications simply by introducing relevant tags. For example, if you’re already using AllGuard’s asset tracking functionality, you can add long-range, two-way communication Staff tags for instant personnel accountability and safety.

Overcoming RTLS Adoption Obstacles in Commercial Buildings

RTLS solutions aren’t new in commercial settings and, to date, have mainly focused on successful asset tracking applications. Organizations like yours are realizing the many benefits of enterprise-wide, real-time visibility of equipment and people, especially when it comes to safety, security, and compliance needs. However, we know that doesn’t mean your organization is necessarily going to jump to install one, since there are considerations to address. Here are a few we hear about most.

Infrastructure Cost

Fully functional RTLS solutions automatically seem expensive, but it really comes down to your desired balance of location accuracy and cost, plus your return on investment (ROI). It’s important to look at the initial investment and total cost of ownership and, in almost each case, you’ll find that it’ll actually cost you more not to implement a system. There are too many proven cost savings from theft prevention to streamlining operations, although often time they can be a bit tricky to quantify. Contact us for specific help calculating your particular ROI to see whether a real-time location system makes sense for your organization. And remember, AllGuard is designed for easy expandability when needed, helping spread system costs over time.

Disruption to Current Operations

We pride ourselves in working with some of the highest caliber systems integrators regionally and globally. We work closely with our knowledgeable and experienced partners to ensure the highest quality and smoothest implementations, followed by exceptional post-implementation support services. Visit our “Partners” page to learn more, and contact us if you’d like to talk with some of our reference accounts about their particular implementation experiences.

System Scalability

When you do choose an RTLS solution, it’s important to pick the most flexible, open platform possible, to safeguard you against changing demands down the road. AllGuard Commercial has been developed on the premise that a single, dedicated Active RFID infrastructure should be able to expand and support a wide variety of applications, and withstand a range of environments, including even the most challenging. It’s also been designed for high-density tag deployments, and virtually unlimited system expansion so it adapts as needed.

Choice of RTLS Technology

These days your choice of underlying RTLS technologies is daunting and confusing. Check out our “RTLS Comparison” page for a complete overview of the top technologies today, including some surprising facts you might not know.

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Real flexibility

  • Security, safety, compliance & I-RTLS functionality all in one integrated system
  • Both long-range location (via I-RTLS) & instant choke point detection in a single system
  • For indoor & outdoor applications

Real interoperability

  • Unparalleled standards compliance & certification
  • Ready-to-go integration with complementary systems (e.g. CCTV, Access Control)
  • An easy-to-work-with API

Real performance

  • Strongest immunity to wireless interference
  • Proprietary location algorithms for the ideal balance of accuracy & cost
  • Proven for high-density tag deployments, with very fast system response & virtually unlimited potential for system expansion
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