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Homicide is now the third highest work-related cause of death in the U.S. yet 70% of U.S. businesses have no policy or security in place

95% of companies are victims of theft

Employees steal over $50 billion from U.S. businesses each year & the FBI labels employee theft as “the fastest growing crime in America”

The most reliable hands free access control system, with precise long-range portal detection

real personnel visibility, security & compliance

Solution Highlights:

  • Centrally locate & control personnel access within & across buildings while speeding entry & protecting designated areas & assets
  • Assign visitor access permissions, & monitor their location & movement within buildings at all times
  • Long-range real-time detection & tracking of tagged individuals even if “tailgaiting”
  • ID badge-style personnel tags for maximum comfort & system adoption
  • Strongest immunity to wireless interference with zero impact on or from Wi-Fi networks
  • Proven for high-density tag deployments with very fast system response time
  • Ready-to-go integration with complementary systems like Lenel's OnGuard™ Access Control
  • Seamless integration with existing IT policies, standards & worker safety systems
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly software

Solution Overview:

Hands Free Access Control Buildings

Controlling access to your building and restricted areas within it - from office suites and data centers to parking garages - is critical for ensuring the safety of employees and protection of intellectual and physical property. From the ever-increasing threat of workplace violence, to the estimated $50 billion+ stolen by employees from U.S. businesses each year, building security is a growing concern.

Our wearable Active RFID tag for hands-free access & authentication

AllGuard™ Hands free Access Control offers wearable Active RFID tags and ruggedized readers to ensure efficient, simultaneous, long-range identification and authentication of all tags combined with “Direction of Motion” capabilities to accurately confirm employee and visitor authorization levels and track their exact movement - even in the furthest corners of your facility. And it guarantees accurate enumeration of all badged individuals even when “tailgating”. With its enterprise-wide visibility from any single monitoring point, AllGuard provides a real-time view of all tagged personnel throughout your facility - and between buildings - pinpointed to within feet, providing more than just access control. And the best part is it's known for its flexibility to incorporate additional functionality (like asset tracking & security) & its unparalleled standards compliance, resulting in seamless integration with existing security systems!

Solution Benefits:

  • Lower operational costs by controlling & streamlining employee access & limiting employee & visitor liabilities
  • Provide a safe environment for workers to thrive within while protecting designated areas & assets
  • Integrate with existing access control systems to ensure your personnel visibility & authorization is part of your larger facility strategy.
AllGuard Hands free Access Control… real-time access & security just got real. Isn't it time you did too when it comes to your workplace?
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Easily expand AllGuard Hands-Free Access Control to include asset tracking & security!

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