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The CDC estimates over $20 million in vaccine dose losses across U.S. hospitals each year due to spoilage

Refrigeration failure is the #1 reason vaccines spoil resulting in both a financial & human cost

The most flexible real-time temperature monitoring system for your refrigerated & non-refrigerated assets, using the lowest profile, longest-lasting tags in the industry

real asset visibility, security & compliance

Solution Highlights:

  • Lowest profile, zero-maintenance wireless asset tags with battery life over 2 years, allow for uninterrupted temperature monitoring during transport from one location to another
  • Additional fixed, wired probes for extreme temperature ranges, including cryogenic environments
  • Customizable temperature ranges, alerting & on-demand compliancy reports
  • Instant notification of “out-of-range” temperature limits including multiple alarm messaging options for both workstations & smartphones
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly software with centralized monitoring
  • Seamless integration with existing systems (i.e. HL7, IHE PCD, LDAP)
  • Ready-to-go integration with complementary systems like CCTV & Access Control

Solution Overview:

Temperature monitoring in hospital
One of AllGuard’s lowest profile wireless asset tags in action

Monitoring of refrigerated medications, vaccines, blood, and even Mothers’ expressed milk, is critical in order to prevent spoilage and patient harm. However, periodic manual checking and recording is tedious and often unreliable due to the fast-paced nature of healthcare environments.

AllGuard™ Temperature Monitoring is the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform helping healthcare organizations like yours achieve maximum security, compliance, and efficiencies when it comes to your temperature-sensitive assets. With its wired probe and wireless tag combination, asset monitoring is possible even in the most extreme storage environments, during transport from one location to another, and for the smallest assets providing a real-time view of important medications and supplies throughout your hospital. Back that with easy-to-configure “out-of-range” temperature limits for individual tags and probes and on-demand compliance reporting – including automatic report generation and emailing to specific personnel – and you have an automatic, real-time temperature monitoring and archival solution suitable for any healthcare environment.

Why not use a Temperature Data Logger Instead?

Standalone single and multi-channel data loggers are commonly used for critical temperature monitoring both in fixed storage locations and during transport. However, “standalone” is the problem. Often these devices require manual and tedious periodic check-ins and data gathering of historic recordings, not to mention the higher cost of a logger positioned at each location. On the other hand, a networked monitoring and security system like AllGuard Temperature Monitoring relies only on affordable asset tags and probes that can withstand wide temperature ranges, and provides continuous, real-time asset visibility from a central monitoring station.

Solution Benefits:

  • Improve patient care and safety by knowing the real-time status of temperature-sensitive assets & preventing spoilage.
  • Lower operational costs by reducing asset loss, optimizing asset utilization & reducing overall patient risk & insurance costs.
  • Prevent staff from wasting time looking for and confirming the status & safety of medicines and more.
  • Ensure industry compliance when it comes to your vital refrigerated and non-refrigerated supplies.
AllGuard Temperature Monitoring… real-time security & compliance just got real. Isn’t it time you did too when it comes to your critical assets and the patients your hospital cares for?
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