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Companies that deploy a yard management system typically gain 25-35% in employee efficiency & an over 10% increase in inventory throughput thanks to more efficient operations

GuardRFID Yard Management

The most adaptable real-time yard management solution, for inventory and equipment tracking, designed explicitly for harsh environments & the ideal balance of location accuracy & cost

real asset visibility, security & compliance

Solution Highlights:

  • Long-range real-time location & perimeter security in a single enterprise-wide system
  • Centrally monitor, locate & protect assets & inventory across multiple sites
  • Strongest immunity to wireless interference with zero impact on Wi-Fi networks
  • Ruggedized, IECEx/ATEX-certified equipment & tags for hazardous environments
  • World’s toughest & almost indestructible Active RFID tag with 6+ years battery life
  • Industry’s widest selection of the smallest, lowest profile, longest-lasting asset tags
  • Proven for high-density tag deployments with very fast system response time
  • Ready-to-go integration with complementary systems like CCTV & Access Control
  • Seamless integration with existing IT policies, standards, and systems
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly software with centralized monitoring across sites
  • NEW! Solar-powered, fully wireless tag readers & exciters! Learn more >

Solution Overview:

AllGaurd Yard Management Hardware

Tough Tag GuardRFID
Our ToughTag™, the world’s toughest Active RFID tag for even the most challenging outdoor environments & inventory

Inventory tracking and security is hard enough in indoor warehouses and buildings. But often, organizations like yours have valuable assets and stock in challenging outdoor environments that require the same level of management and protection. Fences, gates, lights, and manual management efforts only do so much, which unfortunately result in escalating costs due to regularly misplaced and stolen inventory, and time wasted by employees looking for what they need when they need it. It’s even worse when inventory is spread across different yards. AllGuard™ Yard Management is the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform, helping industrial organizations like yours achieve maximum security, compliance, and efficiencies when it comes to your outdoor inventory and assets - regardless of environment, equipment size, and total tag volume. With its enterprise-wide visibility from any single monitoring point, and its industry-leading range of long-lasting, rugged Active RFID tags to choose from, AllGuard provides a real-time view of tagged inventory throughout your site - even across multiple locations - and indicates its location, in order to save time, and therefore cost. It does this by integrating both long-range RTLS and close-range portal detection in a single system, providing precise real-time inventory visibility and perimeter security. And the best part is, it’s known for its unparalleled standards compliance resulting in seamless integration with almost any existing yard management system!

Solution Benefits:

  • Improve operations with real-time visibility and management of equipment and inventory.
  • Lower operational costs by preventing inventory theft and loss.
  • Track and reconcile taken and returned inventory (even across sites).
AllGuard Yard Management… real-time location just got real. Isn’t it time you did too when it comes to your valuable outdoor inventory?
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