Personnel Accountability

Monitor evacuation and ensure Personnel Safety

Accurate information about who is inside a building or work area, and where they are located, is of critical importance in a crisis situation  to enable efficient evacuation; accounting for personnel, and for carrying out effective as well as rapid response activities. GuardRFID delivers the most advanced evacuation monitoring and personnel accountability solution available for the safety of your employees. The solution aids evacuation teams by providing accurate demographic information, critical for response operations, as well as offering features such as "Auto-roll call" at mustering locations to eliminate inaccuracies and significantly enhance situational awareness.

GuardRFID's  Personnel Accountability system is your most important tool during a crisis event: 

  • Accurate Facility Demographics on Demand

GuardRFID's Personnel Accountability system is designed to assist in complying with the OSHA 1910-38(c)(4) regulations. Whether used within an office building or a heavy industrial environment, GuardRFID’s 433MHz based technology is designed to provide you with critical demographic data when you need it most - when your employees could be at risk. 

  • Long Range and Proximity Detection Advantage

A combination of Long Range and Proximity Detection technologies provides immunity from physical shielding, and radio-frequency interference.

  • Personnel Accountability at all times

GuardRFID's unique "Direction of Motion" technology ensures that all tagged personnel entering or leaving buildings, zones or muster points are properly accounted for, providing you with the most accurate demographic information possible.

  • Instantaneous Real-Time view of personnel

  GuardRFID's iOS and Android based Apps ensure that you can access demographic information during an emergency wherever you may be.