Access control system

The AllGuard solution is often integrated with the building access control system. This allows doors to be unlocked/locked; alarms to be activated depending on the location of tags. We have developed tight integrations with the following partner solutions:

alarm Management

In many customer deployments an alarm management system is used to activate alarms, inform users of the alarm event and cancel the alarm event when appropriate. AllGuard is often the initiator of the alarm event and integrations with partner solutions facilitates a seamless experience for security personnel. Utilizing the IHE-PCD interfaces we have achieved compatibility with solutions from the following partners.

ERP Systems

Assets are often managed using an ERP system. We have worked with partners to allow asset information to be automatically transferred from the ERP system to the AllGuard tagholder database. These assets can be automatically checked in/out based on the tag RTLS data provided by the AllGuard solution.

Healthcare Equipment

Management of healthcare equipment location and status is important to hospital caregivers. Inclusion of location information together with equipment status can help improve equipment availability and utilisation leading to reduced costs for healthcare facilities. Utilizing the IHE PCDand MEMLSprofiles we have integrated with several healthcare equipment suppliers.

Nurse call systems

Enabling caregivers to respond promptly to patients needs and minimizing the communications necessary for care providing is a goal of Nurse Call systems. Adding GuardRFID RTLS location capability to these systems enhances their effectiveness. This capability allows calls to be directed to caregivers close to the location of need, and room location signals such as indicator lights can be activated and cleared based on the location of qualified caregivers.

Patient Records

In Healthcare, accurate patient information is crucial for delivering the necessary care. GuardRFID supports the IHE HL7 ADTand IHE PCDstandards as a method to input Patient Information into the AllGuard and TotGuard applications. This method is used by many of our customers to enter patient information automatically from their patient record systems provided by companies such as Cerner, Epic.

Sanitization Solutions

Tags require sanitization for re-use on different patients. We have worked with partners to verify that their sanitization products are suitable for cleaning of our tags.

User Information

AllGuard user information can be automatically imported from management systems such as Microsoft Active Directory (use Microsoft log) using the LDAP protocol.

Video Systems

Video system integration delivers the ability to view a video feed associated with an alarm within the AllGuard software and to store and retrieve video images associated with alarm events generated within the AllGuard system from within the partner video monitoring and management solution.

Our Distribution Partners

GuardRFID prides itself in working with some of the highest caliber systems integrators regionally and globally. We work closely with our knowledgeable and experienced partners to ensure the highest quality and smoothest implementations, followed by exceptional post-implementation support services. To learn more about our partners, please contact us

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