Wandering Patient Safety

Safeguard residents when they are on the move

Give staff and families peace of mind

The number of elderly people residing in  healthcare facilities is increasing exponentially and so is the need to manage and provide the most comfortable and secure facilities for them. GuardRFID’s Wandering Patient Safety system helps caregivers keep track of all the residents under their care and protect them without impeding their freedom of movement, or that of their staff.

What does Wandering Patient Safety system do?

The system allows you to implement powerful yet flexible security policies protecting patients from accidentally wandering off the unit while still maintaining full freedom of movement for your staff. It offers industry leading features to safeguard and monitor patients. Once installed, you can also monitor and secure your precious assets by simply placing GuardRFID's Asset Tags on them.

Our Active RFID Patient Tags are the lightest and smallest available in the market so you can be assured of offering the greatest comfort possible for all your patients. Tags are easy to apply using standard patient bands. Tamper Detecting Tags are also available for increased security of high risk patients. These tags use unique patented bands that have no metal contacts that could bend or corrode, thus causing reliability issues.     

Basic features of  Wandering Patient Safety System:

  • Ease of use

The software is intuitive and user-friendly. Patients can be easily admitted within the security system, and discharged, in just a few clicks.

  • Easy to learn

Our exceptionally easy-to-learn software interface makes training and retraining employees a breeze whether they are permanent or rotating. 


  • Most effective RFID Solution

The powerful system architecture allows units to operate autonomously while maintaining a centralized system that can be set up to have Security or PBX monitor all units. 

  • System Scalability

GuardRFID offers tags  for staff members as well as equipment which operate on the same system. Staff Tags have buttons that can be configured to signal duress, or for other functions that can provide value to your facility. The tags support 2-way communications so that a duress call can be acknowledged to give comfort to the user that it has been received. GuardRFID offers several other tag types that can be used to tag assets, such as wheelchairs or IV Pumps, to be able to track, locate and prevent their loss.

  • Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance integration provides a live view of an event site, saving precious staff time as well as reducing risk as instant response decisions can be affected.

  • Perimeter only or Complete RTLS system

The  Wandering Patient Safety system can be implemented as a Perimeter Security system, providing security at the exit locations of a building or zone, or as a full-featured Real Time Location (RTLS) and Security system that provides real-time Tracking, Location, and Portal Security.

  • Superior Reliability

The  Wandering Patient Safety system is fully IP-based and in full compliance with today's corporate IT policies.  Based on 433MHz Active RFID technology, it delivers higher performance, lower maintenance burden, and high reliability compared to other systems that are prone to RF noise and can  interfere with system operation.