Infant Security

Protecting the tiniest of patients


GuardRFID’s ‘TotGuard’ Infant security solution delivers unparalleled protection by offering a wide array of features and functionality unmatched by any other system. TotGuard is the only system that offers the choice of four types of infant tags - Umbilical, Tamper Sensing, Cut-Band, and a specially designed tag for NICU babies - and supports true Real Time Location (RTLS) capability, besides portal security. Keeping end-users in mind, the tags are the smallest and lightest available and are ergonomically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort for your smallest of patients.

Once deployed, the system is flexible and scalable, providing the capability to add on a variety of other functions such as Asset Tracking and Location, Staff Duress and Wandering Patient Protection, so that you can enhance your ROI. TotGuard's reliability is unmatched, with tags that are designed to reduce and even eliminate nuisance alarms contributing to a quieter, more comfortable patient environment, and having the greatest immunity to interference from electronic devices such as smartphones. Designed with longevity in mind, TotGuard's infrastructure is ready to comply with the IEEE 802.15,4f standard, allowing you to have multiple sources of tags and infrastructure devices from other companies that comply with the standard, eliminating the age old issue of systems becoming orphans.

" I would absolutely recommend TotGuard. One, the product is very good; when you look at what it is that clinicians need to do the work that they do, and keep their patients safe, you need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms, and is user friendly. And GuardRFID’s TotGuard is all those things. But secondly, I think their customer service has been spectacular! "

Dixie Weber, Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services
St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

Designed for Nurses - To deliver better patient care

Providing a safe and secure environment to newborn babies and mothers is crucial to delivering quality patient care. Along with the standard security procedures and resources, a TotGuard solution works as a personal guard for the tiny bundles of joy using the latest in RFID technology.

Designed for IT Managers - To provide enhanced support and service

TotGuard is the only Infant Protection System capable of multiple facility, system-wide implementation from one server. Compliant with current IT standards, it is easy to implement and maintain and offers 100% IP based technology - that means no mixed networks!

Designed for Security Managers - To maximize safety & security

The state-of-the-art Infant Abduction Prevention module of TotGuard is designed to give your security  managers peace of mind. TotGuard is designed to help Security Directors and Health Security Officers deliver maximum patient safety and security while providing asset protection and staff safety in the same system.There is no other single system that can help protect and locate infants, equipment, and personnel all at the same time. TotGuard does it all!