Real-time location systems

for the protection of people and assets

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Thanks to the unparalleled flexibility, interoperability, and performance of our Real-time Location system, we’re able to support numerous applications across a range of markets when it comes to tracking, managing, and securing people and assets. From patient and staff safety in healthcare to equipment tracking, personnel accountability, and hands-free access control in industrial and commercial environments, our multi-purpose platform supports an almost infinite number of applications both inside and outside facilities. Track what matters!

Real-time location system industries

We’re the proven expert in active RFID real-time location systems driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in the following markets:

healthcare rtls

Healthcare RTLS

Cost-effectively achieve maximum security, compliance & efficiencies when it comes to your patients, staff & assets both inside and outside your facilities
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industrial rtls

Industrial RTLS

Track & protect personnel, visitors & valuable assets even in the most challenging environments – from outdoor work sites to manufacturing plants and warehouses.

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commercial rtls

Commercial RTLS

Track, monitor & protect personnel, visitors & equipment both inside and outside your facilities - from data centers to complete building premises.

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We can help you track what matters

Identify, Locate, Track, and Secure people and assets in your organization

Client Testimonials

“A strong infant security system is vital to the functioning and continued operation of any unit caring for infant and pediatric patients. I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment to our organization and to the safety and security of our patients and families.”

Mary Salazar, Regional Director of Women & Infant Services, Conway Regional Health System

“Thanks to an alert that came through from the AllGuard system, we were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard without authorization or the right paperwork."

Eric Strid, Director of IT, Linder Industrial Machinery Co.

"I would absolutely recommend TotGuard. First, the product is very good. When you look at what it is that clinicians need to do and how they need to keep their patients safe, you need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms, and is user friendly. And TotGuard is all those things. But secondly, I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular! "

Dixie Weber, Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

Why GuardRFID?

Robust and Reliable

GuardRFID’s RTLS platform operates at 433MHz which is the optimal frequency for harsh and metallic environments.

Widest Selection of Tags

Real-time location & portal detection in a single interoperable system with the widest range of applications & Active RFID tags

Compatible and Scalable

GuardRFID has an open, fully RESTful API. It is integrated with a wide variety of industry standards, such as HL7 and IHE for healthcare. Contact us for a complete list

About GuardRFID

Identify, Locate, Track, and Secure what matters to your organization

GuardRFID not only prides itself on delivering unparalleled real-time location solutions focusing on the monitoring and protection of people and assets but also on its delivery of a feature-rich IoT system. In reality, our Active RFID tags are battery-operated remote sensors that report data back to a remote server that can run either on premise or in the cloud – exactly what IoT is all about. That means as a Radio Frequency technology provider for over a decade, we embraced IoT long ago. The difference is, we’ve added another element of usefulness … real-time location information for both assets and people.

So, when you think RTLS or IoT, think GuardRFID.

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Track what matters

Protection, compliance and efficiency using Active RFID