Simple, Hassle Free Door Protection Solution

Use active RFID to safeguard residents at your facility

Wandering and disoriented residents can come to harm if they go astray but limiting their movement can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety in addition to loss of dignity. The AtGuard Perimeter Door Protection Solution gives residents freedom while your staff can focus on providing quality patient care.

Solution Highlights:

  • The system is fully self-contained, does not require network connection.
  • All devices communicate wirelessly, requiring no expensive or complicated cabling. Only requires power to operate.
  • AtGuard Door Controller Kit is affordable and easy to install.
  • Wide range of active tags available.

Solution Overview:

GuardRFID’s AtGuard Perimeter Door Protection Solution provides local locking and/or alarming capability for all of GuardRFID’s active RFID tag family. AtGuard is a non-network-based system in which the Tag Reader operates as a standalone controller device without any host server.

AtGuard has been developed for senior living and assisted living facilities that are looking for a reliable solution at an affordable price to ensure that residents do not wander away.

The solution can also be expanded to prevent asset theft.  The same infrastructure hardware works with GuardRFID’s Article Tag to secure assets and ensure that medical equipment is not stolen.

GuardRFID’s advanced technology delivers on both security and economy — helping you achieve peace of mind in knowing that your residents and equipment are safe.

Solution Benefits:

  • Wireless connectivity between components – minimizes the number of cables required to connect system devices.
  •  Reliable technology – high level of immunity to ambient wireless noise, greatly enhancing reliability.
  • Smallest, lightest patient tags – easy to apply with 12 months battery life.
  • Effective safety and security – active RFID tags can be easily applied to people and assets to ensure safety of residents and prevent asset theft.

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