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Collaboration with GuardRFID

  • Sales support and competitive pricing.
  • Complete design plans to ensure a trusted and reliable system implementation.
  • Technical product and sales training at no charge.
  • 24/7 support for Partners and Customers.
  • Lead generation and digital co-marketing support.

Customer Success Through GuardRFID Partners

GuardRFID Partners work closely with our sales, implementation, and Customer Success teams to install critical RTLS applications in hospitals across North America. Read the application sets below on how our Partners use our tools and resources to improve efficiencies and protect what matters.

GuardRFID team

Infant Security

Installation of a secure system for labor and delivery and maternity wards starts with Partners understanding the power and flexibility of the GuardRFID system. We work together with our Partners to design, implement, and train staff to develop a tailored Infant Security system to every individual hospital’s needs so they can focus on patient care.


Asset Tracking

GuardRFID Partners improve efficiencies in a hospital by adding the Asset Tracking component. Equipment is assigned a tag and its location is seen in real-time, while the software activates alarms when tagged items move unexpectedly from secured areas. Support of the IHE PCD standards allows the status of certain assets, such as IV Pumps, to be located, tracked and quickly utilized using the GuardRFID system.


Wandering Patient

When it comes to monitoring high-risk patients where their safety and security is paramount, our Partners implement a trusted Wandering Patient Safety Solution that delivers exceptional real-time visibility. Patients are assigned an active RFID tag to wear—using the world’s largest variety of tags to accommodate multiple scenarios. Push button options are also available to allow patients to call for help. Patients are instantly detected at exit doors, stairwells and elevators, and their presence can be configured to enable alarms and secure doors.


Staff Duress

Delivering real-time safety to staff in hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities with an active RFID tag with call button support. GuardRFID Partners integrate a trusted system to facilitate staff location and alerts that communicate with the GuardRFID infrastructure in real-time. When the alarm is received in real-time, the software can be configured to generate various responses, including sending notifications to authorized personnel (for example, security guards) or triggering an audible alarm to help diffuse the situation.


Morgue Security

GuardRFID Partners are improving the efficiency and workflow within a morgue facility to track decedents as they are processed at different stages. The decedents are tagged and logged in the AllGuard® system immediately upon arrival, utilizing tamper detecting tags. Our partners can implement an automated door control system integrated with the AllGuard system to prevent unauthorized movement or relocation of decedents, helping to ensure compliance with all local and federal laws and requirements.


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