Is Employee Mustering Right for You?


  • Our wearable Active RFID Tag with customizable buttons, programmable Man Down & panic alarm capabilities & two-way communications.

  • the most robust multi-purpose real-time Solution, helping industrial and commercial organizations achieve maximum security, compliance, and efficiencies when it comes to your employees and visitors- inside and outside your facilities, and regardless of environment.


  • With its enterprise-wide visibility from any single monitoring point, and customizable, two-way Active RFID badge-style tag, AllGuard provides a real-time view of tagged individuals throughout your building(s) – even between locations – pinpointed to within feet.

  • Integrates both long-range RTLS and close-range portal detection, in a single system, providing precise real-time worker visibility and perimeter and/or zonal security.


  • Real-time personnel demographics visibility during mustering events in industrial environments, also certified for hazardous locations

  • Real-time visibility during an emergency for all individuals at their location

Why GuardRFID® for Employee Mustering?

The GuardRFID Personnel Safety Solution allows you to account for your workers in real-time and provide immediate protection in a crisis.

  • Know where your people are at all times

    Automated system is scalable to meet expanding needs

    • Real-time emergency roll-call at muster stations
    • Locate employees in the event of a distress call
  • Broad selection of tags

    Small, lightweight, and powerful tags provide unobtrusive coverage

    • Worn on wristband or attached to hardhats or lanyards
    • User-activated push buttons

How RTLS for Employee Mustering Works

Personal Safety RTLS

Ensure real-time safety for personnel in industrial environments and remote locations

Personnel are assigned an active RFID tag with optional call button support — this can be attached to hardhats, worn on a wristband, or attached to a lanyard. The solution uses the GuardRFID suite of infrastructure hardware and AllGuard® enterprise software to provide real-time location monitoring, activate alarms, and mustering support. If personnel press the call button on their tag, the active RFID tag raises an alarm in the AllGuard software. When the alarm is received in real-time, the software can identify where the worker is and send help to investigate the emergency situation.

Is Employee Mustering Right for You?

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Hazard-Rated Personnel Tag (PT-3-EX)

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Hazard-Rated Staff Tag (ST-3-EX)

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Article Tag (AT-4-EX)

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Portable Tag Tester

Reliable Security Protection

“My search for the least invasive but most effective security system led to GuardRFID. We are happy to employ AllGuard® to protect our art displays.”

Chris Keatley

Curator, Pendulum Gallery

Endless Potential

“The knowledge we have now because of this technology gives us a lot of potential.”

Alexis Jalbert

4.0 Engineering Project Manager, Nutriart

Spectacular Customer Service

"I would absolutely recommend TotGuard. First, the product is very good. When you look at what it is that clinicians need to do and how they need to keep their patients safe, you need a product that is highly versatile, that doesn’t cause additional alarms, and is user friendly. And TotGuard is all those things. But secondly, I think GuardRFID’s customer service has been spectacular! "

Dixie Weber

Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

Return on Investment

“A strong infant security system is vital to the functioning and continued operation of any unit caring for infant and pediatric patients. I see TotGuard as having an immediate return on investment to our organization and to the safety and security of our patients and families.”

Mary Salazar

Regional Director of Women & Infant Services, Conway Regional Health System

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