GuardRFID is proud to celebrate International Nurses Week 2024!

Doctors and Nurses

Nurses play a crucial role in shaping the lives of patients.

The American Nurses Association and Canadian Nurses Association are celebrating Nursing Week 2024 from May 6-12, and throughout May. This year’s themes honour the incredible nurses who embody the spirit of compassion and care in every healthcare setting.

Their care, empathy, and expertise help drive positive change in individuals’ health and overall well-being. With a commitment to advocacy, nurses champion their patients’ needs, ensuring they receive the best care available.

As educators, they mold the future of healthcare by imparting invaluable knowledge and skills to the next generation of professionals. Leading the charge in healthcare innovation, they drive advancements in treatments, technologies, and patient care protocols, leaving an indelible mark on the nursing profession.

Nurses Week, American Nurses Association

The American
Nursing Association

National Nursing Week, May 6-12 2024

The Canadian
Nursing Association

How GuardRFID and HID are working to help nurses

Healthcare workers are among the most vulnerable employees in the workforce. Violence should never be part of the job. Yet for far too long, healthcare workers and, in particular, nurses have been subject to unacceptable physical, verbal or sexual assault in the workplace.

The fastest responding real-time staff duress alarm system on the market, GuardRFID’s real-time location system (RTLS) solution can help to reduce workplace violence.

If a nurse experiences a threat to their safety or violence, staff safety systems give them the ability to call for help if they are attacked or feel unsafe and are being threatened.

nurse picture
nurse picture

Benefits of Staff Safety BLE RTLS Solutions

Our Staff Safety BLE RTLS solution delivers an advanced, real-time duress call system to protect nurses and healthcare staff. The solution includes light, Bluetooth-enabled badges that can be attached to staff IDs and feature user-activated push buttons—this allows staff members to be located quickly and to summon help when needed.

Centralized monitoring makes it easy to find staff during emergencies so that help can be immediately sent to where it’s called for, and any escalations in violence can be prevented. 

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