Identify, Track, Locate, and Secure Equipment in your Yard

GuardRFID Real-Time Asset Tracking Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry

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GuardRFID’s Real-time Asset Tracking for Yards

GuardRFID’s Real-time Asset Tracking solution offers robust and reliable solution to monitor equipment and attachments as they move in and out of your yards. The Solution offers a complete equipment management feature coupled with workflow management. It increases employee productivity by providing employees real-time visibility of inventory. RFID based yard management eliminates the wasteful rounds around the yard by your employees in the search of an equipment or accessory. RFID has proven to be an effective alternative to other technologies because it has the strongest immunity to wireless interference. It constantly tracks the equipment in real-time and sends out alerts if there is any unauthorized movement within the yard, or if an equipment is about to leave the yard without proper paperwork.

How can GuardRFID help

  • Streamline processes

    Junk the Manual processes

  • Maximize capital utilization

    Maximize equipment utilization

  • Deliver efficient customer service

    Cut the wait times

  • Organize employee workflow

    Operational Efficiency

Let us help you provide the best solution to the challenges you face in managing operations, tracking and locating equipment and attachments in your yard.

About AllGuard Solar

The AllGuard Solar, developed by GuardRFID is self-powered and completely wireless, using Wi-Fi communications for local connectivity within the yard. AllGuard Solar operates in the 433 MHz UHF band, which is proven to perform reliably in the most difficult industrial environments.

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