AllGuard Application

The AllGuard application is a server-client enterprise system that works with GuardRFID tags, Tag Readers and Tag Exciters to provide you with a full featured realtime location tracking system.

Detailed Tag Holder Management

Once a person or object has been assigned a tag, the AllGuard application is able to manage their access through your system. The application can be configured to grant access to different areas, trigger alarms and lock doors against unauthorized access. The AllGuard application is also flexible enough to check-out or grant scheduled access to facilitate inventory movement or to allow users to complete specific tasks.

Clear RTLS Mapping

The AllGuard application provides a floorplan view that clearly identifies where each active RFID tag is located. Each floorplan can be customized to match your installation and subdivided into areas to provide specific access and alarm configuration. The floorplan view is also highly customizable so that you can show or hide tags of interest.

Multi-Level Alarm Configuration

The AllGuard® application provides highly configurable alarms. Events can be configured as alert notifications or actionable alarms. Each type of event can be color coded and set up with customized audio. You can also setup the application to send email or SMS notification of specific events.

Third-Party Integrations

The AllGuard application integrates with many applications to provide a streamlined experience for daily operations. The system integrates with the following applications:

  • Health Data Management •
    • HL7 ADT
    • IHE PCD
      • ACM
      • DEC
      • IPEC
      • MEMDMC
      • MEMLS •
  • Nurse Call
    • Ascom Unite
  • Passive RFID
    • Impinj ItemSense
  • ERP System
    • e-Emphasys
  • User Management
    • LDAP
  • Video
    • Milestone XProtect
    • Qognify Ocularis
    • 3VR by Identiv
  • Access Control
    • Lenel OnGuard
    • Software House C•Cure 9000


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