Client Testimonials and Solution videos


TotGuard Infant Security System at St Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho

Dixie Weber, Administrator of Women’s and Urological Services, St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, Idaho talks about TotGuard

TotGuard Infant Security System at McLeod Regional Medical Center

McLeod Regional Medical Center team talks about TotGuard, the Infant Security System.


Blue Bird deploys GuardRFID system

Blue Bird implements GuardRFID’s system for locating buses at its Georgia-based manufacturing facility.

Industrial Asset Tracking – One Tough Tag!

Over the years we’ve designed tags for everything from infants to large industrial equipment. The IT-2BLF is the Industrial tag and some people like to call it the hockey puck tag, we call it tough tag!

Linder Industrial Machinery Co. chooses GuardRFID’s Yard Management Solution

GuardRFID’s RTLS solution provides Linder with real-time inventory visibility, which allows tracking and location of high value assets to enhance productivity and accuracy.

How does GuardRFID Yard Management Solution work?

Watch the video to learn how GuardRFID’s Yard Management can improve operations with real-time visibility and management of equipment and inventory.

How does Wandering Patient Solution work?

GuardRFID’s Wandering Patient Safety system allows you to implement powerful yet flexible security policies protecting patients while still maintaining full freedom of movement for your staff.

GuardRFID Healthcare Asset Tracking

GuardRFID’s Asset Tracking System has been designed to provide cutting edge asset tracking for medium to large size healthcare facilities.

TotGuard Infant & Pediatric Security

TotGuard™ Infant & Pediatric Security, an industry-leading application within our Healthcare suite, is the only enterprise-class infant and pediatric protection solution on the market that provides real-time visibility and monitoring of multiple locations from a central server.

HIMSS Operability Showcase 2015

We equipped the entire HIMSS Interoperability Showcase in 2015 to demonstrate interoperability of our Location Services with a number of healthcare equipment manufacturers and EMR systems using the MEMLS profile

How does Staff Duress Solution work?

Watch the video to learn more about the most robust, multi-purpose real-time location solution for ensuring safety of your staff

GuardRFID – Active RFID Solutions

Thanks to the unparalleled flexibility, interoperability, and performance of our Real-time Location system, we’re able to support numerous applications across a range of markets when it comes to tracking, managing, and securing people and assets.

Real-time location solutions for healthcare

Real-time visibility of your patients, staff, and equipment

Asset Tracking solution for yards

GuardRFID’s Real-time Asset Tracking solution offers robust and reliable solution to monitor equipment and attachments as they move in and out of your yards. The Solution offers a complete equipment management feature coupled with workflow management.

GuardRFID Yard Management

Robust and reliable solution to monitor equipment and attachments as they move in and out of your yards.

GuardRFID Yard Management

GuardRFID’s Employee Mustering Solution of Industrial environments delivers automated, hands-free accounting of personnel – whether in buildings, outdoor areas, or at designated muster stations

Choose GuardRFID

GuardRFID is a leading provider of real-time location system (RTLS) solutions. Discover why hundreds of organizations choose GuardRFID to protect their people and assets.

Why Interoperability Matters for RTLS

Interoperability is more than a buzz word. Discover how GuardRFID’s solutions integrate with third-party systems.