Providing a safe and secure environment to newborn babies and mothers is a crucial function at any hospital. The dominant non-medical threats to a new born baby are abduction and mismatch. Both these reasons cause emotional pain and anguish to affected families. In many cases, it can have life changing impacts.

Nowadays most hospitals have a baby and mother identification process, but no method is foolproof and there is a room for human error. The usual face, voice, fingerprint, or even retina identification methods do not work for new born babies.  Out of the new age technology, the one technology that seems to be accurate and consistent in identifying babies and matching them to correct mothers is radio frequency identification (RFID). An RFID system can accurately identify infants without direct line of sight. Therefore, it is well suited for birthing hospitals with multiple births taking place every hour.

GuardRFID’s Infant Security solution, TotGuard is based on active RFID technology. It offers the highest security with a simple-to-use, yet powerful user interface. Keeping end-users in mind, the tags are ergonomically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort for your smallest of patients. The system provides greater flexibility to match your workflow than any other system available today. In addition, TotGuard has been designed to minimize nuisance alarms contributing to a quieter, more comfortable patient environment.

GuardRFID offers the broadest range of lightweight tags in the industry:

  • Dual Sensor Tamper Detecting Tags for the highest security
  • Umbilical Tags to eliminate false alarms
  • NICU Tags for the smaller babies
  • Pediatric Patient Tags for older children
  • Mother Tags for mother baby matching
  • Patient Tags for difficult to tag babies

TotGuard can be implemented across multiple facilities using a single server. The TotGuard solution can be interfaced to common access control and patient records systems utilized by hospitals to simplify the workflow of ensuring the safety and security of new born babies.

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