Employ the most powerful enterprise-wide locating & security system

Achieve real-time visibility of people & assets in your organization

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The GuardRFID Difference

    GuardRFID’s RTLS playform operates at 433MHz, which is the optimal frequency for harsh and metallic environment

    Know exactly where a patient, staff member, or piece of equipment is located.

    The all-in-one system can expand from a basic portal or perimeter detection system to visibility across an organization without wasted technology and infrastructure.

    Dedicated network for tracking and security without encroaching on existing wi-fi networks.

    Broadest range of tags from the smallest to the toughest tags in the industry.

    With an open, fully RESTful API, it seamlessley integrates with more healthcare systems and applications than any other RTLS offering.

The robust GuardRFID System has the broadest selection of active RFID tags

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Real-time location system industries

We’re the proven expert in active RFID real-time location systems driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in the following markets:

healthcare rtls

Healthcare RTLS

Cost-effectively achieve maximum security, compliance & efficiencies when it comes to your patients, staff & assets both inside and outside your facilities
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industrial rtls

Industrial RTLS

Track & protect personnel, visitors & valuable assets even in the most challenging environments – from outdoor work sites to manufacturing plants and warehouses.

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commercial rtls

Commercial RTLS

Track, monitor & protect personnel, visitors & equipment both inside and outside your facilities - from data centers to complete building premises.

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