Tracking, locating, and securing assets is crucial for any enterprise looking to reduce loss or theft, increase employee productivity, and improve overall asset management but to date, the Active RFID and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies that have been implemented have been fairly primitive. Canada-based GuardRFID Solutions, a proven expert in real-time location technologies specializing in interoperable tracking and protection applications across a range of industries, takes it a step further with innovative, versatile RFID technology, applicable in even the most challenging environments.

“Most of our customers look for the same ingredients, which are the real-time visibility, location, and accountability of their assets, materials, and people,” explains Zahir Abji, President and CEO of GuardRFID. “We offer a proven platform that can be used for many different applications both indoors and outdoors but more importantly, we offer a platform that seamlessly integrates with existing networks and business systems… a must-have in today’s interconnected environments.”

Founded in 2007 by a team of highly experienced individuals primarily catering to the healthcare space, GuardRFID’s reach around the world now includes industrial and commercial implementations. “Different industries have different requirements, whether it be process monitoring, security, or inventory management,” states Abji. “Our approach is to always listen to the customer and ensure that our solutions are flexible and durable enough to meet all their needs.”

The technology behind GuardRFID’s innovation lies in their AllGuard™ Active RFID platform, whose primary functions include long range, as well as low-frequency proximity detection, applicable in different environments through the deployment of state-of-the-art RFID tags. “We aimed to create small, low-profile tags with long battery lives and range to be used in highly metallic and crowded environments for real-time location of assets. Every tag has its own profile, whose data is collected and stored in real-time in our cloud database so that we can put it to meaningful use.”

For those organizations with existing access control systems, AllGuard augments these by adding real-time location and hands-free capabilities.

Our approach is to always listen to the customer and ensure that our solutions are flexible and durable enough to meet all their needs

Compared to easily manipulated entrance bar code scanners, GuardRFID’s tags require no manual intervention and provide automatic authentication as soon as an employee is in range. The same goes for assets where each piece has a separate tag associated with authorized personnel only, providing a high level of security. And through integration with CCTV systems, AllGuard also allows customers to locate an asset and request a live feed from a CCTV camera in that area to see it first-hand, a process which Abji labels as “Find and Follow.” Furthermore, with IECEx-rated tags, GuardRFID boasts the tracking of equipment in potentially explosive environments meaning seamless safety and communication integration.

One interesting case study involves a client operating at a remote site, with few employees at that location. “By implementing AllGuard, we not only secured local materials but also ensured staff and visitor accountability and protection, helping our customer meet critical safety compliance standards. Additionally, subcontractors that periodically visit the location are also tagged, which validates their invoicing and ensures our customer’s ROI is always positive,” explains Abji.

As for the future, GuardRFID will continue to evolve its industry-leading real-time location platform delivering the protection, efficiencies, and compliance organizations demand when it comes to their assets and people. “It is an exciting time for us, as we see customers around the world recognizing the uniqueness and benefits in our offering. We have found that AllGuard is not only securing assets in even the most complicated environments but also looking out for the safety of the people within all the different markets we cater to,” concludes Abji.

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