The Umbilical Tag with one year battery life further expands the industry-leading selection of Infant Security Tags available for the GuardRFID TotGuard system

January 27, 2011 – Vancouver-based Guard RFID Solutions Inc. announced that it has begun shipments of its one-year reusable Umbilical Tag for use with its market-leading TotGuard Infant Security system. Many hospitals already use the TotGuard disposable and three-month umbilical tags, and adding the one-year version solidifies GuardRFID’s market position as the having the best offering of umbilical tags in the industry.

The new TotGuard one-year umbilical tag weighs under six and half grams and the single-use disposable and three-month versions weigh under five grams. The light weight and ergonomic design make the TotGuard umbilical tags the most comfortable on the market today adding negligible weight to the umbilical clamp.

GuardRFID continues to extend its leadership in the selection of tags available to hospitals for infant security, wandering patient, asset tracking, and staff location. GuardRFID healthcare solutions are all able to support the entire family of tags and allow customers to implement multiple applications under the same infrastructure.

“We continue to expand our product line in order to further increase the value of our security and RTLS solutions for our healthcare customers,” says Ti Sakata, GuardRFID Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, “TotGuard is the only system available with such a rich selection of tags and we are proud to be able to say that each delivers industry-leading features and performance in terms of patient comfort and safety, ease-of-use, and minimizing nuisance alarms.”

About Guard RFID Solutions Inc.

GuardRFID develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, readers, and middleware that are used to deliver reliable, secure, and easy-to-install real-time locating systems (RTLS) solutions to Healthcare, Industrial and Enterprise clients.

GuardRFID’s products help our customers and solution partners accurately track and locate equipment, materials, and people for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring and security solutions – all on one flexible, standards-based platform.

GuardRFID has also developed the most advanced infant security and patient protection system on the market today. Installed in hospitals throughout the U.S., the TotGuard and SafeGuard systems represent best-in-class security, reliability, patient comfort, and caregiver usability.

Founded in early 2007 by an experienced team of RFID industry veterans, GuardRFID introduced the first cost-effective, disposable Active RFID tags to the healthcare market eliminating the headaches associated with infection control while delivering superior, nuisance-free security.

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