New “Active Label” allows discrete placement on small objects, including metallic objects and RF noise emitting devices such as Smartphones

Vancouver, BC – September 12, 2013

Guard RFID Solutions Inc., an industry leader in 433MHz Active RFID technology has announced the release of the lowest profile Active Tag available in the market, dubbed the “Active Label”. Under 6mm in height (about 0.23”), the tag is about the thickness of three US nickels stacked together, allowing the tag to be unobtrusive and discrete when placed on any object. It offers a battery life of up to 24 months, virtually eliminating significant maintenance costs associated with frequent tag battery replacement or charging. The tag has an integrated motion sensor, and a temperature sensor that can be used to report small changes in ambient temperature while operating within the range of -10 to +60 degrees Celsius. The tag was designed to operate while placed on any surface, including metal surfaces, without significant degradation in performance.

Whereas the operation of certain Active RFID based tags is significantly degraded when in close proximity of electronic devices such as Smartphones, the Active Label was designed to be placed on Smartphones for a global aerospace company, and to overcome the interference caused by these devices. GuardRFID’s entire tag family is based on the same platform that is used for the Active Label, and is therefore strongly resistant to such interference.

“One of the primary goals that GuardRFID has had is to offer the smallest tags possible, while not compromising on battery life, as size does matter in most applications of the tags”, said Zahir Abji, GuardRFID’s President and CEO. “The Active Label is another step towards converging the physical attributes of active tags towards passive technology while providing significantly greater utility.”

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