Smallest and Fastest Active RFID tags on the Market Now Available on MOBILEFusion™ Platform

Saturday, September 13, 2008, Vancouver, BC – GuardRFID’s President and CEO, Zahir Abji, announced the availability of the company’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) on the MOBILEFusion™ platform from AppLocation Systems. MOBILEFusion enables companies to link their RFID item tracking to wide area GPS locating and location-based mobility services on a single platform for integrated supply chain and intelligent network applications.

GuardRFID CEO, Zahir Abji said, “Our active RFID technology was designed to create solutions for the protection, identification, tracking and location of assets in almost any type of environment and has allowed us to create the “smallest and lowest cost active RFID tags available in the market. Our products combined with AppLocation Systems’ leading MOBILEFusion platform takes tracking to the next level. Their expertise with mobility and specialized knowledge in location enabled networks augments our product offering to a variety of industry verticals.”

AppLocation President Gary Hartwig responded, “GuardRFID’s tamper proof, active RFID tag enables warehousing and yard applications and reduces data collisions due to its high data rate.” He went on to say that GuardRFID’s RTLS product outperforms similar Active RFID systems with reliable locating capabilities, and requires minimal deployment and maintenance efforts. “The high speed tag system supports a density of thousands of tags within a coverage area, and allows hundreds of tags to be simultaneously and rapidly acquired when crossing through a choke point such as dock doors. Integrating GuardRFID’s system with the MOBILEFusion™ platform took less than two days due to their well designed Argus Middleware engine that allows logical links.”

Abji concludes, “The convergence of RFID for indoor applications, GPS for wide area tracking and A-GPS enabled handsets for mobility and location-based services requires a next generation platform such as the one we have developed. Integrating superior wireless location technology from GuardRFID with MOBILEFusion allows businesses to combine active, passive or any locating technology across departments and remote locations to enable a future proofed system with cradle to grave supply chain visibility.”

About AppLocation Systems Inc.

AppLocation Systems Inc. is a mobile resource management company bringing innovative wireless and location based service (LBS) solutions to enterprise clients. AppLocation’s collective 30 years experience in advanced tracking and mobile technology for global telecommunication companies equips us with the insight and advantage to go beyond tracking applications. We implement integrated enterprise solutions to streamline internal processes offering value in delivering location sensitive solutions linking wireless networks to ERP applications such as inventory, billing and order entry. AppLocation uses its expertise in carrier-grade, location-based services and its web-based MOBILEFusion™ platform to track assets wirelessly, improving its clients’ logistic and supply chain business decisions on land, on water, and in the air – utilizing the latest technology in CDMA/GPRS/Satellite devices, mapping, sensors, RFID, RTLS and wireless network management.

Gary Hartwig, President – AppLocation Systems
Telephone: 250-220-7122

About Guard RFID Solutions

GuardRFID develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and products for Healthcare, Industrial and Enterprise applications. GuardRFID’s products can accurately track and locate equipment, materials and people for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring and security solutions – all on one flexible platform. GuardRFID Solutions Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in British Columbia, and its Sales office in Chicago, IL.

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