Guard RFID Solutions Inc. and Prosec Protection Systems Inc. Settle Dispute

April 12, 2012 – Vancouver, BC

Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. of Vancouver, Canada, and Prosec Protection Systems, Inc. (also known as McRoberts Security Technologies) of Lakewood, NJ, jointly announced today that they have reached an amicable agreement pertaining to United States Patent No. 5,440,295, which remains in force. The agreement fully secures the rights of both parties to utilize the products and methods covered by the ‘295 patent, which relates to the application of Umbilical Tags for the security of newborn infants while in the care of a hospital.

The agreement between the two companies causes the complaint filed by Prosec Protection Systems, Inc. against Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. to be dismissed. See Prosec Protection Systems, Inc. v. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. (Civil Action No. 3:11-cv-05496, D. NJ).

About Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.

Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. develops Active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and products for Healthcare, Industrial, and Enterprise applications. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc.’s products can accurately track and locate equipment, materials, and people for enhanced automation, workflow, monitoring, and security solutions—all on one flexible platform. Guard RFID Solutions, Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in British Columbia and its sales office in Chicago, IL.

About Prosec Protection Systems, Inc.

McRoberts Security Technologies (also known as Prosec Protection Systems, Inc.) is the leading full-service provider of enterprise-wide infant security solutions. For 20 years, McRoberts Security Technologies has provided cost-effective RFID solutions to identify, locate, and protect people and assets in healthcare environments. Its trusted infant security, wander management, personnel and asset protection systems are used in healthcare institutions worldwide.

McRoberts Security Technologies is staffed with security professionals who have extensive expertise in designing, installing, servicing, and integrating security systems. McRoberts provides clients with a broad range of solutions that meet Joint Commission standards and the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). McRoberts is certified to the ISO 13485 quality standard. McRoberts Security Technologies is a subsidiary of McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc., which has been setting the standard in security since 1876. For more information, please visit

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