GuardRFID’s RTLS system to be implemented in the entire HIMSS Interoperability Showcase to demonstrate Location Services based upon IHE PCD MEM LS Working Group whitepaper and efforts to develop the new MEM LS profile

Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Vancouver, BC – Guard RFID Solutions Inc., an industry leader in 433MHz Active RFID technology will be demonstrating its AllGuard RTLS and Security system in the Interoperability Showcase, as well as in the Intelligent Hospital, at HIMMS 2014 in Orlando between February 24th and 26th. The entire floor of the Showcase pavilion will be monitored by GuardRFID’s RTLS system with GuardRFID tags placed on various exhibitors’ equipment and carried by exhibitors and actor patients. The demonstration will focus on interoperability between Location Systems, represented by GuardRFID’s AllGuard platform, and CMMS systems represented by EQ2’s HEMS. This HIMSS IHE Showcase New Directions demonstration is based upon the IHE PCD MEM LS whitepaper and the ongoing efforts of the MEM LS Working Group to develop a new MEM LS profile for standards-based communication of Location Services (LS) observations and alerts for use by CMMS and other systems in healthcare. In parallel, two simulated hospital rooms in the Intelligent Hospital pavilion will demonstrate equipment location and protection capability as well as GuardRFID’s Staff Duress solution.

GuardRFID will also be displaying two new products: its new Infant/NICU Tag based on a unique and patented cut-band technology, and a mobile AllGuard client for the Android platform, at its booth in the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion as well as in the Showcase Pavilion. A mobile client based on the iOS platform is scheduled for release in mid-2014.

“We continue to work with other healthcare system suppliers towards standardization of technologies, including standard interfaces that will enable diverse and disparate systems to work together harmoniously for the benefit of healthcare facilities”, said Dalibor Pokrajac, GuardRFID’s Vice President of Engineering. “The displays at HIMSS 2014 demonstrate the convergence that is taking place with respect to health data information exchange, and we are proud to be a part of that.”

Due to their ease of use, reliability and robustness, GuardRFID’s suite of applications have been selected as the systems of choice by many high profile healthcare facilities. The suite currently consists of its AllGuard Asset Tracking and Security system, TotGuard Infant and Pediatric Security system, SafeGuard Staff Duress system, and AllGuard Wandering Patient Protection system.

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